Dry Herb Grinders

Our long-lasting dry herb grinders create fluffy flower for your vape pens, each and every time.



What Is A Herb Grinder?

A herb grinder is a small, portable round box with upper and lower sets of teeth designed to break down dry leaves into finer, almost powder-like material that is both easier to use and tastier to vape.

Herb grinders can double as tobacco grinders and vice versa.

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How to Use a Herb Grinder?

First, break up the bigger buds with your fingers.

Then, if you’re using the box herb grinder, all you have to do is nestle the bud between the teeth of the chamber, cover it with the lid and rotate one side of the box, holding the other in place for a few seconds.

It usually takes about 10ish rotations to get it right and ready to load into your vape pen.

How to Clean a Herb Grinder?

For plastic grinders, use dish soap and warm water.

Use a smallish brush to get between the teeth or hollows, and once you’ve scrubbed every corner, rinse with warm water.

Clean your grinder regularly, every one to two months.

What Is a Grinder Card?

A grinder card is a sturdy, flat grater for dry herbs, a.k.a. buds, used to break the material down into a finer, powder-like material, and scoop it up for easier insertion into the vape pen.

How to Use a Grinder Card?

Place the grinder card upright and tilt it slightly to where you’re comfortable holding it.

Hold the top of the card with one hand and grind the material against the grating slots with the other.

Use the card to scoop up the grated material and insert it in your vape pen.

What are the Benefits Of Using Herb Grinders?

Besides being much easier to manipulate and load into your pen, finely ground buds typically produce richer vapor and, some argue, better hits.

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