CBD Cartridges

Power up your G Pen with pre-filled CBD cartridges in many flavors. Choose between a variety of hemp CBD in flavors inspired by real strains genetically created by Berner himself.


CBD Cartridge FAQs

What is a CBD oil cartridge?

CBD oil cartridge, a.k.a. CBD vape cartridge, is a glass tank filled with a CBD distillate that fits into your vape pen. Our G Pen CBD cartridges are compatible with the Gio vaporizer.

How to use CBD vape cartridge?

Plug the cartridge into your G Pen CBD vape pen. Be sure the pen is charged and then press the button to start inhaling. Take breaks between the puffs, and savor the product.

How long does a CBD cartridge last?

This depends on how you use it; A moderate daily use of three sessions, say 2mg per session, will see you through a full month and then some with a single cartridge.

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