View The Assault Fairies Glassblowing Documentary Featuring Darby Holm & Banjo

Last Updated: Jan 06, 2016
Last Updated: Jan 06, 2016

We were pleased to take part in Assault Fairies an interesting new documentary from our friends at HeadLife Media.

On New Years Day 2015, Darby Holm and Banjo came together at Darby's shop in Grants Pass, Oregon to create what would later be known as the "Assault Fairies" series. Over 5 long days, these two amazing artists and friends created an epic collaboration.

Produced, Directed, Shot, and edited by Nate Murray of HeadLife Media.Check out the video below for an inside look at the glassblowing process!


About Darby Holm: 

"Forged from the heart of an oak tree and born deep in Bigfoot country southern Oregon, my journey in life began. Destined to be a self sustained artist I quickly dove into the stereotypical life of a “starving artist” with little to no income. I learned fast and found my way doing odd jobs to support my habit of painting on windows or detail accents on cars, some T-shirt designs and lots of drawings on whatever I found cool at the time. Glass found me in the mid 90’s like a moth to a light I could not look away. April 5th 1996 I lit my own torch for the first time under the guidance of my younger brother Carsten Carlile. From that point on I realized the glass world was wide open and all mine to play with and explore as I pleased. Thanks to an incredible community of like minded and equally talented family and friends I have watched this industry grow into something I am very proud to be a part of today." - Darby Holm

About Banjo:

Glass artist/pipemaker Banjo, father of six, is a rare breed in the functional glass community. His career, spanning 15 years, represents the interesting dynamic of being a dedicated glass artist and devoted family provider. After attending the 1st Annual Humboldt Harvest Glass Gathering back in October. I had the opportunity to visit him and his family. Nestled in the Redwoods just north of Arcata, California are a two-story house, a studio workshop, and enough open space to entertain any number of energetic and adventurous children. I could see how this artist could immerse himself into a project and devote countless hours to creating masterpieces. With the recent Habitat shows in Florida highlighting the glass counter culture surge into the mainstream art scene, Banjo is one of an elite group taking charge of an art movement that can no longer be ignored. - Biography from Hot Breath Magazine