Do I need to clean my Original microG Pen?

Last Updated: Jan 28, 2015
Last Updated: Jan 28, 2015

The best way to ensure optimum performance/longevity with your Grenco Science Product (microG Pen) is to perform simple cleaning procedures on a regular basis. The most important process lies in the removal of any excess concentrate residue from the connection point of the battery. To be more specific, when referencing the connection point, we mean to describe the part of the battery that is exposed once the coil has been removed. Simply take a Q-Tip, soak it in isopropyl rubbing alcohol, and gently wipe away any of the excess concentrate residue that may have collected there over time. With the microG Pen, it is also important to remove any excess concentrate residue from around the base of the titanium cylinder, on the outer part of the coil. If you notice this excess concentrate residue collecting anywhere, simply engage in this process two to three times a week. It will effectively prevent any disestablished connections between the battery and the coil while keeping the mouthpiece sanitary.  

Do not soak any of your components (microG Coil, microG Battery, Charger) in any type of cleaning solution or rubbing alcohol. This could compromise the pieces.

Do not clean the inside of the coil, the area where the heating element lies. The heating element will essentially clean the inside of the coil by clearing away any of the excess concentrate residue.

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